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Exoplanet Discoveries and Updates
The latest paper on Kapteyn's Star suggested that neither of its proposed planets (b, c) exist - instead both appeared to be artifacts of stellar rotation and activity. This work also reported the rotation period of Kapteyn's Star to be around 125 days.

Back in 2014 a team of researchers led by Anglada-Escudé announced the discovery of two exoplanets around this star, one located in the 'habitable zone' and has minimum mass low enough to have a shot of being rocky (although very unlikely given our current knowledge). The existence of this planet was challenged before in 2015, which apparently didn't sit well with the discoverers, so it seems there is an ongoing debate on whether these two planets exist or not. People in the Celestia discord (where I got the news from) said we could expect a response from Anglada-Escudé soon.

In Orion's Arm, the Kapteyn's Star system doesn't have its own article, but it is mentioned to had been home to the Andromeda Kids during the First Federation. Needless to say there are no mentions of these two planets, which seems like a good idea given things that are going on right now...

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