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Exoplanet Discoveries and Updates
Curious that they failed to find the dust disk, since this paper published in April 2020 discusses the spectrographic composition of the disk.
Quote:We found that most of the gas is situated at about 6AU from the star, has an electron volume density 10^5 <n(e) <3×10^6cm^3, and a temperature T=8000K. Our interpretations reveal that the gas is partly ionized, has a column density of neutral hydrogen equal to 10^21cm^2, and has a composition similar to that of a mildly depleted interstellar medium or that of Jupiter-family comets. Compared to results for disks around some other stars, such as β Pic and 49 Cet, we find surprisingly little neutral carbon. No molecular features were detected, which indicates that our line of sight misses the molecule-rich central plane of the disk. The tilt of the disk is also validated by our being able to detect resonant scattering of the starlight by oxygen atoms.

Perhaps it is just a depleted disk rather than the dense disk depicted in the article (which was based on the 2009 Keck observations).

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