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J Storrs Hall's Space Pier
We have discussed this idea before, but I couldn't find a link - well here's one
[Image: tower.png]
It's just a series of very tall towers supporting a linear accelerator. Something like a Lofstrom Loop, but with no loop, and capable of standing without a power supply. Some or many medium-to-hi tech worlds might use this approach for various reasons.
Here's a different take on this idea;
It's basically the same linear accelerator but instead of tall towers it's supported by aerostats.
Evidence separates truth from fiction.
Space piers might be especially popular on smaller planets or gas giant moons. The lower gravity would mean a lower escape velocity and lower acceleration, making the launch phase much more comfortable.

I've seen the aerostat idea mentioned in passing in O'Neill's writings. I imagine that some worlds somewhere have done this.


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