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Charge traversing a wormhole
This paper confirms and explicitly calculates the effects of charge (mass, electromagnetic charge) through a traversable wormhole.

As I’d argued previously, charge is not conserved locally in any given section of asymptotic spacetime connected by a wormhole, but only globally by considering all spacetimes a wormhole connects (i.e. take the Gaussian surface around all mouths).

This put to rest the notion that you somehow have to balance mass going through a wormhole. 

It also leads to explicit observable effects. If Sgr A* (the black hole at the center of our galaxy) is a wormhole, we may be close to being able to see gravitational effects on S2, a 17 solar mass star orbiting Sgr A* at a distance of 1000AU, from a similar object on the “other side” of Sgr A*.
Nifty! When I have a moment, I'll save this paper to our document system, and add a link to the references on the Layman's Guide page.

Thanks for thisSmile

Done - I've added this paper to the CMS and set up a link in the Design Notes section of the Layman's Guide to Wormholes. LINK

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