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Hello all! I'm new to the forums!
Hello! I came across OA a few years ago when, as far as I remember, I was looking up Sci-Fi images for something. I noticed that a lot of the images that were coming up were from EG so I visited the pages they were pulled from and I was delighted to have found the rich and deep universe of OA. I read the primer and I was hooked. I've been reading articles and short stories at varying rates ever since then. 

Lately though, I've wanted a hobby, to do something without it being a responsibility and to find some form of fulfillment while in college. I'd like to try writing EG articles, stories set in the OAU, and to do YouTube narrations of free OA stories (with the authors' permission of course) and some of the more entertaining EG articles. I've already talked with some of the community and have some good ideas for what to do in the future. I'd also like to aid the community whenever I can, but I'm on a shaky schedule right now so I'm not sure if I'll be reliable enough.

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Hello all! I'm new to the forums! - by Gabrielle of Gaussia - 10-23-2019, 08:31 AM

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