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What music are you listening to right now?

Inspiration for a modified black metal album cover from the speculative bio moon of Macrystis Tongue  (in progress)

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Gabriel Le Mar - Into Sonic States [Full Album]
Eufórquestra [feat. Elliot Martin] - Solutions

Arbre Noir -Roam
Los Rastrillos - El Cadub (Mo & Chuk remix)

Hollie Cook - Shadow Kissing
SiebZehn - Solar System

SiebZehn - Space Probe

Eye-T - In Space

Stellardrone - Light Years

Dreamstate Logic - Earthbound [SpaceAmbient]

Marvel Years - Go For Launch

Voxel9 - Cosmic Ascension

Hugo Kant - Low Gravity

D. Batistatos - What a strange world

Groove da praia - Walking on the Moon

Joe Satriani - Falling Stars
Clawfinger - Profit Preacher

Clawfinger - Realitv
Eric Hilton - "Forming Star"

El Búho - "Corazón de Rubi" (feat. Minük)

Liquid Bloom - Roots of the Earth (Medicina mix)
I am working on a video trailer for Flamingo Gambits

I selected two tunes that will come one after the other

Paul Leonard-Morgan - LIMITLESS

E-MANTRA - The darkest hours (from 3:11 onwards, probably cutting a few parts out to accelerate the progression)
Didier Malherbe, JJ Hertz & François Roy - Ayahuasca
Matthew Hallsall - Canopy & Stars

Höröyá - Travessia - Abu Bakr II

BNegão e Seletores de Frequência - (Funk) Até o Caroço

Tech N9ne & The Floozies- Till Gone Day

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