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What music are you listening to right now?
John Zorn - Little Bittern

Capiozzo, Mecco & Santimone - Light Soul

Govt Mule and John Scofield, Stratus

Joe Satriani - Cool #9

Burnable - Larry Carlton with Robben Ford

Mike Stern, Lee Ritenour - Smoke 'n' Mirrors

Harvey Mandel Baby Batter

The New Mastersounds - Can You Get It?

Medeski Martin and Wood - Queen Bee

The Bahama Soul Club - Junkie

Uberjam - Tomorrowland
Children of Trip Hop
Kaya Project feat. Pooja Tiwari - Souls Entwined

The Spy From Cairo - Ramadan Dub

The Spy From Cairo - Fanaa

Desert Dwellers - The Dub Sutras (Sensual Sutras mix)

Desert Dwellers - Crossing The Desert

Bahramji & Maneesh De Moor - Watch The Cat

Oka - Galiano

Maneesh De Moor - River Goddess

Eccodek - My primitive heart

Amanaska - Gandhara
Chinmaya Dunster - On Sacred Ground
SunSquabi - Pablito

TAUK - Dirty Mouth

Kaya Project - Finding Balance

ya devi sarva (chants devi mantra) - prem joshua

Kaya Project - Pachamana
"Refresh" by Marvel Years

Zoogma - Let My Shorty Ride (Live)
This song reminds me of a screenplay I have been working on.  If you take the lyrics literally (and ignore the apparent LSD references), you would have the basic plot.

And here is Australia's greatest contribution to psychedelic rock.
This is the video I'll keep in mind if I ever start writing about virchs

Kalpataru Tree - Moonbloom
Fela Kuti - No Agreement

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