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What music are you listening to right now?
Kalpataru Tree - All Things Passing

Peace Therapy ~ Melodic Chill Out Psychill Soulful Entheogenic Downtempo Ethnic World Wilderness

Chill Space

The Psychedelic Muse
Prem Joshua - Ramana

Prem Joshua - The Best of Things

Prem Joshua - Winds of Grace

Prem Joshua - Sky Kisses Earth

Prem Joshua - Earth Kisses Sky

Prem Joshua - Dhuna

Prem Joshua - Gayiye

Prem Joshua - O Saiyaan
Soothsayers - Rat Race

Carapaus Afrobeat - Night Fever [Full Album]

Really cool tune:
Carapaus Afrobeat - Slowly

Carapaus Afrobeat - Dois
So What, by Miles Davis feat John Coltrane.
Cool choice! (pun unintended)
Miles Davis - So What

A modern twist on this style:

Matthew Halsall – The Energy of Life

Matthew Halsall — 'Joyful Spirits of the Universe'

Matthew Halsall – Harmony with Nature

Ben Leinbach, Jai Uttal - Jai Ma

Ben Leinbach - Zero-G (feat. Tina Malia, Benjy Wertheimer, Prajna Vieira & Gawain Mathews)

Ben Leinbach - This Love's Dream

Ben Leinbach - Nandalala (feat. Prajna Vieira, Gina Sala, Benjy Wertheimer & Bodhi Setchko)
Polyrhythmics - The Octagon (Live on KEXP)

Polyrhythmics - Goldie's Road (Live on KEXP)

Polyrhythmics - Chelada (Live on KEXP)

Polyrhythmics - "Vodka For My Goat" (Live at Telluride Jazz 2018) #JAMINTHEVAN
Soothsayers' new album: We Are Many

Soothsayers - Move in Silence

Soothsayers - We Are Many

Soothsayers - Light the Way

Soothsayers - One Step Away

Soothsayers - Move in Silence

Soothsayers - Slave
Sleeping Pandora - Floating High

Sleeping Pandora - The Dome
Kinobe - Bombay Mix
Polyrhythmics - "Zion"

Kalpataru Tree - Soul Sail

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