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My novel will be launched this Christmas
This Christmas, the saga begins.

Book One of the Elixir Trilogy

Twenty-one thousand years ago, it nearly destroyed the world.
One man wants to bring it back.

On the distant world of Haloken, the line between science and magic has long since blurred. Humans and Dragons have mostly forgotten their differences and live side by side. Godlike titans roam the seas, observing all, rarely intervening.

Tonight, all this could come to an end.

A psychically powerful fanatic and his private army of trained killers have invaded an isolated island college. They hold staff and students hostage, demanding the nations of the world hand over its most powerful and ancient secret – the Elixir.

Only a small band of Human and Dragon students stand between the forces of evil and global cataclysm.

And where the Elixir is concerned, even the gods must tread carefully.

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My novel will be launched this Christmas - by DarrenRyding - 12-20-2019, 01:59 PM

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