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Now, what did I just wander into... No way.......
Hello Everyone, 
My name is Will and my first post is a long one. It is a long post because I am going to be making some wild claims that I swear up and down are true.
I am very excited to discover this forum. That, however, was not my first reaction. My first reaction was heartbreak, depression, and a sense of defeat. I have been working on a novel for nearly 10 years that matches so much of the formula for the setting of the Orion Arm Project, and has an identical business/creative process model. The catch is, I just discovered you. Every one of my ideas is my own, or inspired by the greats. In other words, I am taking the hard SF approach with a heavy focus on causality and the singularity. 

Please understand my visceral reaction. I truly thought my idea was one of a kind and truly unique. I know that is a foolish notion, as the discovery of this project proves it so. However, there are just as many facets that are unique and completely different from this project, that I realize I have nothing to truly fear.

I was terrified of being accused of copyright, or unoriginality, but I think I am overreacting. Instead, I would very much like to join this community. I have already purchased a paperback copy of After Tranquility, and want to prove my integrity to the community. If this model really does follow “my own” then I am excited to meet and learn with all of you.

Of course, I’d love to share my ideas and learn from you’re incredibly rich database. I’d love to share my ideas for a sense of validation, to learn more ideas, to contribute to others’ ideas, but also to draw a line. I wish to continue my own personal work, unopposed. My meaning, is that I do not want to fear being accused of stealing your ideas, when I genuinely thought them up myself. I have a right to claim my idea as my own. I just have no clue how to prove they are my own.

My concepts match yours mostly in the spirit of the concepts, not the details of structure. For example, you have provolves, I have augmented, via nanorobots, and genetically enhanced pets. In your words, I have provolves too. Their exact looks and nature are quite different as mine are completely alien.

I have DNI, wormhole networks, physical bodies that vary in shape and size due to gravity, and a lore that spans over 60,000 years, just to name a few spooky similarities. One concept that I am focusing on within my novel is Universal Convergence. The main focus is Convergent Evolution, but I focus on technologies and ideas converging to a unified method or approach.

The identical nature of the OA and my own novel, Into the Stars, is evidence that my philosophy of Universal Convergence guides the Universe. Universal Convergence is the fact that similar things can form from two, unknowing and different places.

I hope to be welcomed into your community. I sent a private contact on my first reaction, but I’m choosing the direct approach to the community. I’d be happy to tell you more about how I stumbled across your website. I’d be happy to tell you my ideas for the sake of finding out if you did it already, or whether you would not mind me using the concepts, even though some people may have the same reaction as I did upon discovery of this place. Lastly, I want to be inspired by you. You have had a lot more time and a lot more brains to develop your concepts over the years. I respect and admire all of it.

I cannot begin to compliment the amount, and the quality of work I see on your site. On my first contact, in the contact us section, I said that I would not check the site out, in some bizarre attempt to prove my ideas are original. But your site is too cool and I could not resist. I love what I see, and I hope I can stay.

My game plan is to finish my novel before anything else. But I’d like to start talking with your group and learning your canon while I finish my own. I hope, one day, when my book is fully finished and I am going through the joys of trying to get a mainstream publisher to publish my book, that I can write a few short stories, or more, for your group. I would find it an honor and a privilege.
I hope to hear back from you soon.
William R. Combes
Will the Wanderer --aka the Wandering Will --aka the Nomad --aka Wild Will --aka Will

"Not all that wander are lost."
~JRR Tolkien

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