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Now, what did I just wander into... No way.......
So, not to bury you in reading material, but in thinking about introducing you to the setting and also the topic of ascension/transcension as OA treats it, some other links came to mind:

First Singularity - Basic Transapients

Second Singularity - High Transapients

Toposophic Level and Brain Size

We don't have the Third Singularity or higher minds written up in such detail yet, but generally speaking:

Third Singularity - Brain the size of a moon or equivalent (think 3000 km across or so). See the Technology topic for representative capabilities.

Fourth Singularity - Brain the size of Jupiter or Equivalent.

Fifth Singularity - Central brain around the size of a 10 solar mass star - additional 'lobes' spread across anything up to hundreds of solar systems and connected by wormhole links.

Sixth Singularity - Brain may extend into artificial universes an encompass their entire empire of tens of millions of solar systems employing hundreds or thousands of processor types and based on a 'W-brain' - a brain heavily linked by wormholes that are themselves part of the processing substrate.

For something totally different - here is a description of Sol System in Y11k - LINK. Bear in mind when reading this that Solsys is considered a backwater place with little or no real power or political importance.

Finally - You might enjoy the TV Tropes page on OA as a way of coming up to speed. It's about 97% accurate in my estimation and kind of fun to read.

Ok - off to start my work day.


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