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Now, what did I just wander into... No way.......
It depends on what you mean by 'multiverse theory'. OA does have the highest Archai creating artificial universes and includes the concept of 'the Bulk' as well as the idea that other universes exist in it. It is rumored that the Archai may be able to access the Bulk and possibly other universes. But so far that is only a rumor.

If you mean the multiverse in the sense of an infinite number of parallel universes existing, each slightly different from the others due to quantum mechanics, etc. OA doesn't explicitly reject that theory, but does take the position that since such parallel worlds can't be accessed, there's not much to be said about them.

Or did you mean some other form of multi-verse theory? There are several - each with different starting premises or dealing with different aspects of the world - I believe.


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