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Now, what did I just wander into... No way.......
(01-10-2020, 12:10 PM)Will the Wanderer Wrote: Again, I just want to learn the rules of the playground and see how I can add my play. I'm really looking into the setting more. I'm trying to pick the best candidates for this religion. I like the idea of having it practiced by modosophonts, if I'm understanding them well enough compared to the other plethora of things.

Sounds goodSmile

If it helps - Modosophonts are basically those sophont beings in the setting of roughly human-equivalent intelligence. Or intelligent beings below the First Singularity.

This encompasses everything from 'baseline humans' (people like thee and me) to humans modified to live in environments that would kill a baseline human in a heartbeat to independently evolved aliens (xenosophonts) to AIs many times smarter than a human, but still far below the level of the First Singularity.

Note that even a 'near-baseline human' (one of the most common types of modosophont in the setting) would seem pretty superhuman to one of us, given the advantages their society conveys upon them:

Nearbaseline Human Genemods

Direct Neural Interface


Skill Modules

Personal Medical Systems

And then of course there are the Superiors...

Homo Superior Genemods


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