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Now, what did I just wander into... No way.......
(01-15-2020, 02:58 AM)Will the Wanderer Wrote: Adding to the Encyclopedia  --  What is the best approach to make it succeed? In other words, should I just write up my thoughts on how define metacognition and ClarkeGeometry and enter them for submission, or post to the discussion thread first so that it can be vetted by the community?


Whatever you write will be vetted by the community either way, so either way works in that regard.

If you want to post your thoughts and ideas without first organizing them into an EG article, then the General Setting Discussion thread is probably the best place. You can post, other members can ask questions, share additional ideas, provide counter-examples, whatever and an ongoing discussion can take place. Once that has run its course, you can whatever has grown out of it and use it to inform the creation of a formal article that you post to the EG thread. It will get further discussion there until a final version is produced which gets added to the website.

If you prefer to write up a formal article first and post directly to the EG thread, that's also fine and will work substantially the same way. Some people prefer to post ideas for discussion and then produce an article, others prefer to produce an article first and then update it based on feedback and discussion. There isn't really a 'right' or 'official' way to do it.

Whatever floats your boat, basicallyBig Grin


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