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A lurker on this site, decided to finally introduce myself
Hello, welcome to OA!

Answering your questions:

1) This article (Limits on Transapient Power) shows examples of what Transaps and Archai can't do. An AI God can't disobey the laws of the physics of the universe they are in (ie. time travel, FTL tech are impossible even for them), possess limitations on their computing power and therefore they are limited in their prediction and modelling, possess limited knowledge on the past (ie.: their historical models about the big T aren't perfect because of the data loss) and on the universe (there are aspects of the laws of physics they aren't aware of, and the same goes for the technological applications of thereof), and lastly aren't able to predict the behavior of themselves or of another's SI:6.

2) If isolated, a SI:6 will likely suffer disadvantages when compared to the case where e lives in cooperation with other SI:6s. So, its likely that the life of the isolated SI:6 will be much inferior to the SI:6 integrated in a society. They may suffer health problems, be denied of knowledge and services they don't know/can't do but other SI:6's know/can do. About the part about them surviving on their own, I think it depends on their mind type and skills. Some may grow insane, unmotivated or sick which may or may not lead to death, while others would thrive normally.

3) In what sense? If by disappear you mean the transap/archai erasing all data about them and either killing themselves (conducting an auto-vanishment) or simply fleeing elsewhere, I think it is very difficult if not impossible. The reason is, chances are other entities of higher toposophics may have info on the transap/archai and thus may still know of em. You have an added problem that the bigger the transap/archai toposophic more noticeable they are (if only because they are bigger, but likely because of potential as well  Big Grin ). If by disappear you mean simply leaving the empire they live on, why not? Many wouldn't care and this is easy to do, depending on the culture they live on.

4) What allows the ascension/transcendence is the change in one's mode of thinking, like a dog acquiring human cognitive skills. This does not need any foreknowledge, but I think it is advisable to have knowledge on some matters before ascending lest you become insane or simply an incompetent transap. Think about an adult with the knowledge of a baby, lol.

5) It is advisable to talk with the moderators first to get more familiarized with the setting, as a meta-empire is a large project. But otherwise, go for it!

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