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A lurker on this site, decided to finally introduce myself
(02-07-2020, 09:13 AM)SolarRider Wrote: For a Sophont whether they’re Modosophonts, Transapients, or even Archailects, do they need to have a set of instructions or acquired knowledge of the process to in order ascend/transcend to the next toposopic level, or are they able to do it independently and in their own way? What I noticed is that in the case of Modosophonts ascension/transcension, most of the time they get help from Transapients. 


A Canon/lore question: my big project is creating a unique meta-empire with a twist, it’s about an isolate terragen civilization that are located currently around 200-300 ly away from the current extent of the Terragen Sphere, is there any rules that can be against the idea, or can it be lore-breaking for the setting since terragens has always been concentrated in the Sphere

Hello! Welcome to the forums! We're generally quite willing to introduce new folks to the setting and discuss ideas.

Regarding ascension - it's definitely possible to do it without help (for each singularity barrier there has to be a trailblazer(s) that cross it). However as Todd mentioned the risks are significant, to oneself and potentially one's entire society. The first S2 entity, GAIA, was merely fixated on protecting the Earth, and in the process of expelling humans fought a bloody war that killed many of those who had managed to survive the Technocalypse. Things would have been far, far worse if she had become a blight. The first S4->S5 ascension was malevolent and subsumed the beings within its cluster, though fortunately said S5 entity's mind collapsed after a short time.

Regarding your idea for a civilization: the Terragen Sphere is really just the maximum extent of space explored and colonized by any Terragen-descended intelligences of any type. It includes the Sephirotic meta-empires, ahuman civilizations like the Diamond Belt, as well as myriad transapient run and modo-run civilizations that aren't tightly bound to any of the big players. If your meta-empire is Terragen in origin, by definition they can't really be outside the Terragen Sphere so much as being at a far-flung edge. Now it is possible to be far from contact with the so-called "civilized galaxy" (temporal displacement through wormholes also factors in here), but as mentioned there are always explorers, traders, and missionaries heading outwards, so no one can really remain totally out of contact for long.

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