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A lurker on this site, decided to finally introduce myself
(02-08-2020, 09:05 AM)SolarRider Wrote:
Speaking more generally, how is what you're describing significantly different from the other empires already in the setting? You seem to be making a point of saying that this civilization is different or unique in some or many ways from the rest of Terragen civilization, but I'm not really seeing that from the description provided so far. Can you help me understand better, please?
The plan is for the civ to have their own history, politics, cultures, tech(or variants of existing ones) and memes w/o interference from outside influence. As isolates, they are unaware or vastly ignorant of the greater terragen civilization and many have grown to fear or even hate them because the past major transgressions that occurred in the civilized galaxy. The ruling Archai who although is distant with eir subjects, created this indifference and intolerant towards the greater terragen civ because E eirself hate them especially the dominant archailects for the atrocities they commit. Now E doesn't want to seek their destruction but E rather distant eirself and eir civilization that e created. Eventually that attitude will change as E seeks diplomatic relations with the greater civilization and opens the border for trade, cultural exchanges and immigration so long as they abide by eir rules. The Civ is also multicutural and multicladal (if that the correct term) like the greater terragen sphere but on a smaller scale. There will be variants of existing clades with their unique history prior to the exodus as well as new clades that formed. The overall culture of the civilization will evolve drastically different from their main sphere cousins. Inhabitants of my civ will identify as different from terragens. They don't see themselves as terragens as for them the terragens are "corrupt demons", however they acknowledge that they are descendants of terragens. This is still a work in progress but this is main idea of their overall culture. What I plan to do is making the culture similar yet alien enough to make even the most alien, out of touch terragen individual from the greater civ to feel out of place in my civ.

Okay, I'm getting a little more info here, but I still don't feel I have clear picture of what this civilization is like. Right now they seem to mostly be defined by xenophobia towards other Terragens, but even xenophobic societies IRL have more traits than that. As for the last sentence: going from one star to another in the Sephirotic empires - or even moving from one habitat or computer core to another in the same solar system might make a Terragen feel out of place. Beyond all the void drives and baby universes, "ontologies" and other systematized protocols for translation and interaction between radically different sophonts are some of the most amazing inventions of the archai, because Terragens are so wild and diverse.

More generally - is there a generally shared religion or philosophy among this empire? Do they tend to believe in a common ideal of what the good life is (even if there are manifold expressions of that)?

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