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A lurker on this site, decided to finally introduce myself
This feels a bit overwhelming, honestly. Your ideas, if fully developed could easily span five EG articles rather than one. That's mostly due to the content, but I will say that paragraph breaks would make your text more readable.

Thinking about the concepts more specifically, I should also point out that the residents of a single Sephirotic meta-empire like the Zoeific Biopolity, the NoCoZo, etc. are generally favorably disposed towards each other due to sharing values, narratives, and aesthetics. This is at a societal level, not an individual one of course, and cultural schisms can still happen especially outside the WH Nexus. However, your proposed civilization doesn't seem like a meta-empire so much as a collection of empires, many of which start from a background of disliking each other. How and why does the archai of this zone maintain control over such a assemblage (obviously E can exert fiat power to make everyone toe the line, but generally the archai that bother with modos at all are more subtle)

(02-08-2020, 11:41 AM)SolarRider Wrote: They don’t have a shared religion due to various religion and cults that are practiced in the Civ. As for a major religion, many Modosophonts do see the transaps/Archai as guardians of their civilized society but never revered as gods. They are the elite of their society, an example every Modosophont should follow. They are what Modosophont should strive for and many will try to seek Ascension from the Transap. Transaps see Archai in a similar fashion as well.
This is already true across much of the Terragen Sphere. The forum discussions we've had regarding religion in OA have basically settled on a mixture of views, in keeping with our "diversity, diversity, diversity" standpoint. Some sophonts do not "worship" transapients at all. Many believe more or less what you describe, that archai are not supernatural per se, but are effectively godlike in wisdom and power and are thus sought out as protectors, mediators, and guides in manner analogous to polytheistic worship. Some Terragens do literally believe the archai to be manifestations or agents of whatever extrauniversal deity(s) they believe in.

(02-08-2020, 11:41 AM)SolarRider Wrote: That why there many smaller policies across the Civ created by modosophonts and lower Transap because the Civ itself is sandbox and they want to achieve the same greatness as the major empires. Think of it as an mmo, where you have the noobs that will try to grind in order to be as good as the pro players. Inhabitants of this Civ will have that urge to grind for success. Ofc it doesn’t have to be carving an empire(many do end up failing) but it can also be minimal mundane thing like gaining a high position at a modo workplace.

I don't understand what is meant by "sandbox" here. Are you referring to the analogy that the Terragen Sphere itself is a playground or garden for S5-S6 archai to amuse themselves in while they attend to whatever "real" matters occupy their thoughts? Or is it meant to refer to a sandbox game like Simcity or the various Tycoon games?

Still, I think there are a lot of interesting ideas here, like the idea of an apocalyptic cult obsessed with survival to the end of the universe. I look forward to seeing your ideas coming forward.

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