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A lurker on this site, decided to finally introduce myself
(02-08-2020, 12:32 PM)SolarRider Wrote: Well eventually contacted with be made with the greater civilization, and the border will open. So, imagine those documenting EG now have access to the Civ and the Civ won’t be isolated anymore

Ok - That's workable.

(02-08-2020, 09:05 AM)SolarRider Wrote: I do want the leader to be able to ascend to an Archai once it reaches it destination.

That's doable. Depending on where you end up putting this civ and when in the timeline, I'd probably suggest having them start out as an S2 (easily movable and travel around fairly often) when they lead their group away to wherever and then ascending first to S3 and then to S4 (the lowest level of Archailect) over some amount of time after they arrive. Also depending on how the dates shake out you might have them be unhappy about the Version War but then not actually leaving for some centuries or longer. Depending on how much backstory you want them to have you might even (for example) have them start out as an S1 or even a modosophont who was traumatized by the horrors of the Version War, went on to ascend/transcend to a higher S-level or two by the time the wormhole to the Carina Rush was found, led a group through that and took off for deep space, and then settled down somewhere and ascended/transcended a couple more times by the time contact was re-established with Terragen civ.

For added weird, you could have them start out having been positively disposed toward some faction in the VW and then that view changing drastically as a result of transcending rather than ascending or something. As part of current Canon a transcension results in what is basically a different being (sometimes a drastically different being) with all of the original's memories. However, even ascended beings - who come out of the process with their original personality intact - routinely go on to re-examine all of their earlier life and often conclude much of it is pointless or no longer of interest to them and switch fairly quickly to being very different from what they were before.

Just some options to play with if you want. YMMV.

(02-08-2020, 09:05 AM)SolarRider Wrote: Huh I see, when reading the profiles on the different Sephirotic Empires, I didn’t think there was such a massive amount of diversity within them. I’ll definitely check on them again and see if there is something I could add on top.

In all fairness, this may be an area we need to revisit and do some tweaking to to make sure this diversity of views is more clearly written down vs possibly being more implied than stated or even operating more as 'tribal knowledge' within the OA community.

Since the start of OA the intent has always been that each empire has a sort of overarching 'memetic' - the point of view of its ruling Archailect - but that there is great variation within each empire as to how that memetic is interpreted and lived. The analogy that was usually given was the concept of 'Western Civilization' vs how that concept is interpreted in different ways as you look at different 'Western' countries. Or the concept of Christianity compared to the many different denominations and sects that exist under the umbrella of the term. Multiplied by millions given the scale of the OA setting.

It should also be noted that the different empires vary in how they operate and how closely they may follow the ruling Archailect's take on things. The Negentropy Alliance and the Solar Dominion (although hugely diverse in the diversity of the internal variations and interpretations of their memetic) are more centrally controlled and probably a bit closer to the traditional SF trope of an interstellar empire. On the other end of the spectrum, the NoCoZo ruler(s) take an extremely hands off approach as a matter of policy and places like the MPA or the Sophic League are somewhere in the very broad middle.

(02-08-2020, 09:05 AM)SolarRider Wrote: That is a work in progress, I have yet to brainstorm ideas on what makes them truly alien of them.


(02-08-2020, 09:05 AM)SolarRider Wrote: The destruction of wormholes, leaving entire systems to die. The rogue autowars created by them wrecking havoc on unsuspected world, especially those without transaps that can protect. Blights and perversities that are preying on smaller civilizations. Their dislike come from the narrative created by the ruling Archai that the Sephirotic Archai are the boogieman that do what they want and don’t care if they end up destroying lower terragen life.

Those kind of events have happened, but aren't 'standard operating procedure' for the Sephirotic archai - although I can see how they could breed resentment/dislike in some quarters. And if the ruling Archailect of your civ is also pushing this as the 'the truth' in its empire, the population would almost certainly go along with it on general principles.

Hope this helps,


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