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A lurker on this site, decided to finally introduce myself
(02-08-2020, 01:01 PM)SolarRider Wrote: I definitely will the future. For the project I decided instead to make it a local empire rather than a collection of meta-empires with some ideas I present may needing more fleshing out or even scraped. This is like some people said way too much for someone starting out world-building so as of now I placing this project in the back burner until I have a better grasp of what I could come up with

This is a very wise decision, I think. Getting your feet wet with worldbuilding in OA and then getting more practiced at it over time will definitely work out better in the long run than trying to create an entire new major empire from scratch as your first project.

Even a 'local' empire can be of a size and complexity that dwarfs anything seen in RL human history if you want it to be. And you can grow it over time, possibly even setting up your initial smaller efforts so that they can 'plug into' the new empire when you finally feel ready to tackle its creation directly.


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