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Orion's Arm Best of the Year 2012 - Artwork
Hello all,

As promised, here is the last of the polls for the 2012 Best of the Year

This particular poll will allow you to vote for your choice for best OA Artwork of 2012. The candidate images can be found on this page here:

The poll to vote for your favorite entry can be found at this link here:

This poll will close on October 31, 2013.



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Hello all -

Just a reminder to everybody that the voting for the Best of the Year 2012 - Artwork will end on 10/31. Results will be announced in the next issue of Voices:Future Tense, which I'm aiming to have published very shortly thereafter.

So, if you haven't voted for your favorite image already, check out the gallery of 2012 images and use the voting link in the first post on this thread to make your voice heard.


I have voted, they are all so good though, I have a particularr fondness for landscapes and urban scapes so it was a tough choice between gliese 667, popcorn city and fiarro minor for me. I doubt we will get any better pictures until probes start landing.
And the Winners Are...

We are proud to announce the winners of the Orion's Arm Best of the Year Award - Artwork for 2012.

Below are the winners for the Artwork category.

First Place - #10 More Pretty by Morgan Heacock

Second Place - #14 Refueling by Steve Bowers

Third Place - #52 Lensflare by Arik

The winners will also be announced in the upcoming issue of Voices: Future Tense.

Winners - I will be contacting you directly in the next week or so to arrange payment to you.



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