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Consolidating Mass-Stream Articles
(03-05-2020, 09:13 PM)MacGregor Wrote: Agreed, these look like good candidates for consolidation. Regarding the title, is it possible to have orbital rings without mass-streams?

IIRC the 'basic' orbital ring that Paul Birch (inventor of the orbital ring concept basically) describes in his first JBIS paper is a single large cable type ring in low orbit. Although I would need to go back and confirm that in the JBIS paper.

That said, virtually all other descriptions of an orbital ring that I can think of (including Birch's later on) are based on mass-stream tech. For sake of completeness I will say that things like 'ring cities' in geosync orbit are not the same as an orbital ring.

My main concern with just leaving the title as 'mass stream technology' was that people might have a harder time finding the article since that terminology is somewhat unique to OA, I think. However, after going into the EG and doing a search on 'orbital ring' the mass stream article came up. So that concern is probably a non-issue.

Assuming no objections or a better title coming along, I can leave it as 'mass-stream technology'. We can always change it later if we want.


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