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New limits to moist greenhouse worlds. Is Tohul in danger?
From how I understand it, moist greenhouses depend on the amount of water in the atmosphere, and are primarily concerned with planetary temperature. On the other hand, runaway greenhouses seem to trigger from the imbalance of ingoing and outgoing radiation, which occurs at higher temperatures around hotter stars because of the lower near infrared flux, and less efficient stellar absorption.

The result of this is there should be a stellar temperature below which the runaway greenhouse state occurs before the moist greenhouse state, making a moist greenhouse state unstable and short lived in these worlds.

It is possible that temperature inversions may allow for moist greenhouse states around cooler stars, as other studies suggest. It's unclear how these inversions would occur, but biogenic particulates, smog, and photosynthetic skyplankton in the stratosphere of Tohul would certainly make a temp. inversion more likely.

In any case, this study would also suggest that Tohul's atmosphere is too thick for a moist greenhouse to occur at its temperature, so some tweaking to the system might be needed regardless.

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