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Uploading in "Upload"
I binged the entire first season in one sitting and while it was reasonably entertaining and had some good humor I was ultimately left feeling disappointed. It just felt too limited, I know this was made to appeal to a mass audience and all but they could have at least done a bit more with the creativity regarding the virches. I mean, the lodge the protagonist spent most of his time in is nice and all but spending eternity inside a single great American resort, a rather poorly programed one with micro-transactions at that sounds closer to hell if you ask me. It's a virtual world, you could quite literally have any environment imaginable and instead all we see are standard real world vacation spots.

Maybe I'm reading too much into what is admittedly a rather low-brow comedy with a dash of high concept sci-fi and political commentary thrown in for good measure. I just think they could have done a bit more with the setting and the whole VR aspect. Ready Player One as bad as that movie was I think did a much better job at showing the capabilities at what mature VR could be able to achieve.

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