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Mnemosyne - a picture of Solar System in the 27th century
DISCLAIMER - This is unrelated to OA, but I did inspire myself quite a bit by it I gotta admit. It's very much a work in progress so don't be surprised by completely unfinished parts. It's rather long so I upload it as .html files on a file hosting site. It's hard SF, but with looser constraints than OA (FTL Acculbiere drive is possible in Mnemosyne, nearly every Gaian world with organics develops life by abiogenesis and complex life isn't that rare even if by no means occurring on every lifebearing world) yet at a much lower tech level (best human drives are antimatter catalyzed fusion and those are only used by 1 faction, AI is only sophont - transsapients don't exist etc.) and focused on the Solar System for now.

So here it is: - Mnemosyne - Mnemosyne Ship Designs

BONUS - Satis, an AreanLacustric (by the old Dollan's PCL "cyclically active Arean world that can be very Earthlike when its going through its wet/active part of its cycle" definition, not the OA's "young Marslike planet with a moderate ocean cover that will inevitably dry out" one) planet that I eventually plan to incorporate into Mnemosyne as the homeworld of a hostile alien species, also WIP: (this one is in .pdf format)

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