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Mnemosyne - a picture of Solar System in the 27th century
so, all these points about population numbers in this future version of the kuiper belt are nice and all, but

-what are you looking for feedback about on this forum about this story/ world?

-I don't know how much feedback matters here to you but since this is a fictional vision of the future that you've started writing down, As "reviewers/ readers" with a few decades reading stuff like this, two of us, who've given feedback -might- want to read about this world and we say the population seems too high (among other notes), and that if we were to read a story or something in this world our suspension of disbelief wouldn't necessarily hold. It's your setting, but my understanding is that you're looking for feedback about how other people -react to- this setting you've posted in the OA forums.

since this story/ world is still in the basic stages of being sketched out, these details in your responses only matter to us in the sense that they communicate what the world's like, to us, the people who would theoretically read about this world.

you might get more varied responses on the OA personal settings discord?

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