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New and Amended pages 17/5/20
New articles, amended and edited articles and articles with new images

17 May 2020 (Kepler 21, 51 A.T.)
New Pages
The Extended World Classification System (EWoCS) :: Space Mirrors and Solettas :: Mass-Stream Technology (Space Fountains and Orbital Rings) :: The Uppalavanna Complex :: The Blue Star Dysons :: Niaanyo
Updated Pages
Vangelis :: Europans :: Ultimate Muscles :: Eunchong (Kang 021) :: PackRat Spores :: Dante :: Ultimate Vecs ::
New Images
Colony Ships :: Beneficence :: Terraforming :: Gliese 667 :: Enif Prefecture :: Poseidonal Subtype :: Europan Type World :: Aardwolf :: Europa (Sol V-ii)
more updates


there's a bunch of pages where i'd added snapshots that are quotes from existing stories
if that counts as updated articles i could list those out for a round of updates.

traveler's notes: Moltenceti habitat
Since there are quite a few other articles that are finished or very nearly so, hopefully I'll include them in another update very soon.
A question about the image for the data only ship on the colony ships article, what is causing the space-time distortion? I recall the original caption for this picture way back in the day that said the ship was using a pitch drive but since that's gone would it be a halo drive?
Yes; this certainly looks like a halo drive to me.
(05-18-2020, 05:13 PM)stevebowers Wrote: Yes; this certainly looks like a halo drive to me.

Then shouldn't the distortion be in front of the ship and not a ring around the middle?
The halo pulls the mass of the ship forward, so I'd guess the halo would need to be forward of the centre of gravity. If that ship has more mass behind the halo than in front it should work.

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