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Pre-Modern Astronomy vs Habitable Venus
Translocating Luna to Venus in Celestia shows that the two objects would be close together in the sky, about as far apart as various stars in the Pleiades. This separation would be very variable, since Venus varies in distance significantly over its orbit. Neith would be easily visible, about at bright as Arcturus. Of course Neith would look brighter than Luna at similar distances and angles, even if it were otherwise identical, because sunlight is brighter in Venus orbit.

Curiously, the brightness of Neith (and of Venus) would not vary much over time as seen from Earth, even though the distance varies so much, because the angle of the crescents also change according to the position with respect to the Sun. Venus ranges in brightness from -3.8 to -4.8, and Neith would vary to a similar extent (about a magnitude).

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