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Role of the megacorps in the late timeline
(07-04-2020, 10:55 PM)Drashner1 Wrote:
(07-04-2020, 05:45 PM)The Astronomer Wrote: Personally I imagine Houses are megacorps that adopted traits of the state and stopped being much of an economic entity.

That could be another option for updating their description/role in the setting.

Or they could evolve out of the megacorps to something like what you're describing (which also feels sort of 'feudalism adjacent' in terms of how a society might organize itself), and possibly include transapient rule/oversight as part of that.

Another thought - Either the megacorps or great houses, or both might have become vehicles for modos attempting to augment and organize themselves in ways that would let them better hold their own against transapients and transapient run societies. Details of how this would work are TBD, but in a general sense this might fall under the same umbrella as Unity/Unityware and its development of group minds - modos trying to operate on or near the level of transaps without actually becoming transaps.

Something like this could create a very...interesting...period during the early-middle part of the timeline during which various superhumanly intelligent entities and groups all interacted with each other in various ways (competition, cooperation, etc.). Eventually the sephirotic archai come along and dominate things - but maybe we push that back a few hundred or thousand years and have a long interregnum period.

Basically look at moving away from our current take which seems (to me anyway) to run something like 'during the Federation the transapients pretty much took over all mainstream governance and it's been that way ever since with the only real change being the S-level of the ruling transapients'.

Not entirely sure that what I'm describing is wholly accurate (early timeline is not my focus) or what exactly it would look like. But might be worth thinking about/discussing.



I like this idea. It certainly makes it more interesting and dynamic. Though, I wonder how to fit those megacorps described as being run by transapients, like, say, Hyperion, into this.

I wonder if the transaps would even bother with a megacorp outside the roleplaygrounds.

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