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Role of the megacorps in the late timeline
(07-20-2020, 02:09 AM)Drashner1 Wrote: Need to give this a deeper read later, but at first blush - I love it!! Big Grin

Note that there is an existing Sagittarius Sphere article in the EG - but it's ancient at this point and while we'd ideally like to be able to merge the two in a way that retains at least something of a nod toward the older article, at first blush I don't see any problem with making your re-imagined version the main part.

Note finally that the Sagittarius Sphere is spun off from the article about the Sagittarius Transcultural Cooperation - which is a 'current' empire in the setting that has a lot of mentions, but comparatively little internal detail - and is an even older article than the Sag Sphere article.

Depending on how things shake out (and how deep into this you wanted to go perhaps), we could potentially have what you describe be the current STC rather than the past Sag Sphere. Or use this for the Sag Sphere and then go on to further develop the STC in terms of a logical progression from the earlier Sag Sphere or the like.

Thanks Todd! I was looking at the Sag Sphere article for some inspiration - some of the terminology is a little unclear (as you mentioned, the article is very old), but given references in the Sag Sphere and Soft Cathedrals articles on the use of star-busting conversion weapons, I was conceptualizing the original toposophic of the Sphere leadership as 1-2, with a (possibly) perverse ascension to the Third Singularity leading to WMD use against the Cathedrals and eventually to archailect intervention.

Honestly, I hadn't considered the idea of using the social structures we've been discussing for the Y11K STC, but it's intriguing! The only reservation I have is that STC article makes the Transcultural Cooperation out to be very loosely organized and diverse, and I'd feel bad going against the spirit of articles (even when revising).

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