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Role of the megacorps in the late timeline
(07-20-2020, 02:34 AM)Madine Wrote: Thanks Todd! I was looking at the Sag Sphere article for some inspiration - some of the terminology is a little unclear (as you mentioned, the article is very old), but given references in the Sag Sphere and Soft Cathedrals articles on the use of star-busting conversion weapons, I was conceptualizing the original toposophic of the Sphere leadership as 1-2, with a (possibly) perverse ascension to the Third Singularity leading to WMD use against the Cathedrals and eventually to archailect intervention.

Honestly, I hadn't considered the idea of using the social structures we've been discussing for the Y11K STC, but it's intriguing! The only reservation I have is that STC article makes the Transcultural Cooperation out to be very loosely organized and diverse, and I'd feel bad going against the spirit of articles (even when revising).

I completely understand - and certainly not pushing you to take this any further than you feel like/are comfortable going with it. Smile

That said - and in the spirit of just brainstorming and sharing something that popped into my head as I read the second part of your post here:

What if the STC was loosely organized and diverse - but was a loosely organized and diverse cooperation of different types of group minds/hive minds in a multitude of types and flavors?

Taking this either a bit further or in a slightly different direction - what if the STC (working to rehabilitate itself after the past excesses of the Sag Sphere) transformed itself into a sort of ongoing 'Worlds Fair/Friendship Conference/etc.) kind of thing devoted to promoting cooperation and understanding among the most diverse and 'inhuman' minds of the Terragen Sphere? So it is home to/visited by many different flavors of group and hive minds, animins, xenos, and the weirdest of the weird Terragens (by our standards anyway). And over time it also came to be a preferred (or at least oft used) location for inter-empire diplomatic and cross-cultural events and such. Plus whatever other related things we can think of?

This could provide a place (but not the only place!) to play with 'non-standard mental and cultural designs' in the setting in a sort of sandbox setting (as in lots of different reps from lots of places visit there) and also something a bit different from the 'standard' Sephirotic empire.

For an added cherry on top, it would make sense of the 'transcultural cooperation' part of the name. Big Grin

Just a thought or two,


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