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Fire Upon the Deep
Finished listening to Fire Upon the Deep by Vernor Vinge the other day on audible. Overall I liked it, though I thought it hardly qualified as hard sci-fi.  I noticed several terms we use in OA such as blights. Anyone else read this book?
Yup - read it and love it. Smile

One of my favorites.

AFAIK Vinge never claimed it is hard SF. Hard SF isn't really his thing per se in any of his writings, although he's done some near future stuff that is likely pretty hard if a reader wanted to go through and figure out how the tech might work. Rainbows End would be the main one in that area.

Me too.
Vinge is credited with popularising the concept of the Singularity in modern science fiction, although the way he uses it is somewhat different to the way we use it.

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