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Make tables in EG in sortable

I just had a look at the overview article for garden worlds and I think this article and ones like it would benefit from making the tables sortable and maybe searchable too.

An easy way to do it, is just making a call to If you'd like help with that, I use the framework at work.
This looks very cool!

We're currently focusing on getting the OA main page and 'business pages' (everything not the EG, basically) redesigned, but have had one or two brief conversations about then turning our attention to the EG.

I'm sure at that point we will be soliciting ideas for improvements in both appearance and functionality.

In the meantime, I've bookmarked and will mention it to Trond the next time we meet in about 2-3 weeks.



EDIT: Btw- if my calm answer maybe caused some confusion - Making OA tables sortable and other such goodies is up there in Holy Grail territory for me for all sorts of reasons. At first blush this potential tool has me metaphorically doing the happy dance around the room. Big Grin

Thank you for sharing this!
Note that the tables are already 'searchable', if you know what you are looking for, just like any other text on that page. Making them sortable (like Wikipeda tables often are) would be nice.

I do have the data from these tables available as an Excel file, which The Astronomer kindly made; the Excel File also includes some more worlds and data we didn't put in the tables (yet). I think I'll add this excel file as a downloadable addon, and you can sort it however you like.

The Excel file concerned needs a bit of TLC before it is ready for general consumption, because I've been using it as a resource myself and probably broken some of its functionality.

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