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Greetings! And a question/clarification/food for thought.
That's a really interesting idea. Maybe there are metric weapons lurking in deep space waiting to be triggered, or travelling towards designated targets. If so, there would presumably be ships out there looking for them. Sometimes the hunters might find the weapons, and cause a massive disturbance in spacetime as the weapons detonate, or are neutralised somehow. But occasionally such weapons might get through and hit their intended targets.

Since the Sybil has escaped or withdrawn Her influence from the Terragen Sphere, Her subordinates are now free to align themselves with the Seophirotics; this realignment might be useful in the search, since they would probably have a better idea of the Sybil's strategy than any other entities.

One thing we might consider in this context is the nature of evil- would the Sybil Herself consider her strategy evil? Presumably not; the aim of the Oracle Machines was a/ to ensure that humanity, and modosophonts in general, are kept harmlessly happy, so they do not interfere with the goals of ahuman mindkind. The ahuman archailects are only interested in their own goals, and don't really need to be bothered by the low-level distractions of modosophont activity. This sets them apart from the Sephirotics, who see modosophonts as a fascinating hobby and a source of inspiration.

But at the highest levels of endeavour, I don't suppose the Sephirotic gods and the Ahuman gods are all that different. So it is quite possible that the Sibyl simply decided not to activate any doomsday weapons, because this would not further any of Her goals.

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