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Greetings! And a question/clarification/food for thought.
Thank you for your answer,

I personally don't see it from a evil-or-not-evil point of view at all: as the motto says "War doesn't determine who is right, only who is left", if these concepts still apply to ascended AI Gods.
Rather I'd like to see it from a game theory perspective and I always had found metric bomb to be too OP and thus game breaking.
The fact that there was a war among S5-6 greatly implies that there are countermeasure to them because without is just a suicide for both parties.
I'd like to think that if there is an answer it was on the "---------data corrupted----------" on the EG Thunderbolt page, which is another weapons with similar characteristics in destructivness and detectability.
Otherwise this is a pretty logical scenario for a forced all-or-nothing attempt to reach S7 by the Archai, if one wants to explore this path in "What's coming next?".

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