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Greetings! And a question/clarification/food for thought.
Hi Todd, thank you for your reply!

a) We don't really spend much time as a project on defensive weapons for whatever reason, but it does seem logical that they exist across multiple S-levels, including the S5/S6 level. So the S6 might have a way of detecting and intercepting metric munitions, either as they are launched/in flight or (perhaps more easily) when they are coming up on a target.

Yeah, I noticed. I guess the closest thing we have on the EG for an appropiate defensive system is on the description of the 45 solar masses Transcend Seven system: half a solar mass into 50 billion matrioska micronode dispersed as far as 1,5ly; close defense in Archai measurements, I presume. And apparently "just" for detection. At least the topic pop up here and there on the EG. I guess that the method of catching a void bubble traveling at 0,999c is up to the S6 and S6 alone Big Grin
(I remember reading something about bursting a bubble with a coeherent gravitational wave but I can't find it right now...)

This option is nearly as mysterious as the 'The Sybil just decided not to' option but maybe works a little better.

Well, I never expected an extensive answer, I wanted more to point out the idea, mostly because I think is quite logical. Guess I had to put "food for though" at the beginning of the description....

c) The Sybil decided not to launch doomsday weapons because it hopes/plans to return someday, either literally or via cached Copies hidden away around the Terragen Bubble and resume it's project. Frying a large portion of its potential converts and turning everyone else into utterly fanatical enemies would seem counterproductive in that regard.

I'd like to think that the Sybil is dead or banished from the Universe. Both because the contrarty will make the work of the Judge and Keter sloppy (and Binah) and even if the S6 are Olympian in capabilities they are not true gods and thus should be possible killing them. IMHO.

This last or a variant could potentially be worked in fairly easily since OA loves rumors/legends/conspiracy theories/conflicting theories in setting.

My bet is on NoCoZo businessminds selling far far away backups XD

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