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Greetings! And a question/clarification/food for thought.
Some additional thoughts now that I've had time to refresh myself on the Oracle War:

a) A simple fix for this issue would be to retcon the Metric Bomb article to say that such weapons suffer from reduced accuracy the greater the distance they have to cross (due to their small external warp bubbles making it hard for them to see where they're going) and this makes it impractical to fire them across interstellar distances. They basically have to be carried by some other type of vessel to at least the general vicinity of their target before being deployed.

We don't currently say anything about how Metric Bombs are guided anyway and the above would fit within the physics of the smaller warp bubbles as we currently describe it, I believe.

b) Obviously the Sybil could - in principle - launch ships carrying metric bombs but for anything below the level of a Void Ship, it would be much easier for the massed military forces of the Sephirotics (likely totaling hundreds of trillions of warships or more) to intercept and destroy them.

c) Obviously (againTongue) the Sybil could deploy Void Ships carrying Metric Bombs - but per Canon such ships are very rare, presumably because there is some degree of difficulty and/or effort even for the S6 in creating them. In addition, the relative youth of the Sybil as an S6 could have given it less time to create the necessary infrastructure needed to produce Void Ships. While the Sybil was an S6 for a bit over 1400 years, we don't actually specify how long it takes to build a Void Factory, particularly the space-time constructs used by S6. But it is not uncommon for the EG to talk in terms of centuries to a thousand years or more for some of the larger Terragen constructs to be created, and it's possible that a Void Ship factory would fall somewhere in this range - and then take time to produce each ship.

Note also that the Oracle Machines and their spacecraft are all described as using conversion drive ships rather than reactionless drive craft to get around and metric devices other than Tipler Oracles don't seem to have been used by them much or at all. So it's possible the Sybil was either limited in eir metric engineering capacity (at least as of the war) or was mainly focused on using it to create Tipler Oracles (also likely not something the S6 just churn out like jelly beans).

d) It's also plausible that (to the S6) a Void Ship is considerably easier to detect and intercept than a much smaller void bubble used for other purposes.

e) It is also doable for us to handwave up some kind of S6 (or possibly S5) defense against void bubble based weapons. Perhaps some kind of metric engineering that shares some relationship with implosion weapons or the like - and that causes void bubbles to fail and implode within a certain distance of the 'generator' of the effect or the like. I'm sure we can figure out something.

On a somewhat related note having read through the entire Oracle War article:

The Dream Factory and Binah are not one and the same being. The Dream Factory is not really an archailect in the conventional sense of the word. See HERE and the article on Djed HERE. So the article should be updated in that regard. Also the Dream Factory and Djed articles need updating since our current take on things is that an S5 mind needs about 10 solar masses of processing to support itself. I can take care of those once I get some other items off my plate.

The overall article has some typos that should be cleaned up. I can take of those or Steve can if he'd prefer.

My 2c worth,


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