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Greetings! And a question/clarification/food for thought.
If we assume that the void bubbles travel around 0.99c I guess that interception is impossible and close-in defenses based on wormhole linked interferometers are the only solution.

a) A simple fix for this issue would be to retcon the Metric Bomb article to say that such weapons suffer from reduced accuracy the greater the distance they have to cross (due to their small external warp bubbles making it hard for them to see where they're going) and this makes it impractical to fire them across interstellar distances. They basically have to be carried by some other type of vessel to at least the general vicinity of their target before being deployed.

I guess this is valid for a single void bubble, but metric bombs carry a wormhole and thus you have two point of view, making triangulation pretty easy.

e) It is also doable for us to handwave up some kind of S6 (or possibly S5) defense against void bubble based weapons. Perhaps some kind of metric engineering that shares some relationship with implosion weapons or the like - and that causes void bubbles to fail and implode within a certain distance of the 'generator' of the effect or the like. I'm sure we can figure out something.

Let's try... In the EG page on the Valhalla Cluster is stated that:

"Observations made during the creation of the Biopolity based Gods Grove Valhalla Cluster in 7603 (due to a lucky coincidence, several large scale gravitational interferometers had recently been activated in the region as part of a system upgrade) have led several researchers to hypothesize that the constructing archai literally arrange the structure of a Cluster so that the gravity waves produced by the various industrial operations either cancel each other out or are used to drive various other useful processes or both. An example of perhaps literally godlike efficiency."

If the Archai can use gravity waves they can probably also generate them (maybe in a manner that is different from Thunderbolts, like in the Ynity Gate Project or the Galbydeia Torus) and we can hipothesize that void bubble can be destroyed using these waves.

This make for a decent answer in game theory: a bulky, very visible generator that must operate in real space, like the Valhalla Cluster's structures, with a limited range and that can't work from a void bubble, good only for stationary defense of important structure or system due to their mass and size, like the magmatter moon nodes in the Tracend Seven system.

If those generators were "portable" I guess they would be too much of a threat for reactionless ships. And a terror weapon for wormholes if they act on them.
If this last part is valid then a generator, which is surely connected to numerous micro comm-gauge for detection, must be able to shape the disruptor field around itself; perhaps we can take insipration from phased array system? A gravity phased array?
If it's an energy based defense I guess it should work very well even calculating the initial mass expenditure of building an array against metric bombs in terms of mass/energy against mass/energy investment.

My 2 Zimbabwean hyperinflated cents.

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