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Greetings! And a question/clarification/food for thought.
The problem with that is that the exterior dimensions of the void bubbles are measured in picometers - too small to let in most wavelengths of light.

Aaaaand... I forgot that Confused 

Anyway, did a quick math: if you want to hit something around the size of our sun core, roughly 1 light second in diameter, on a linear flight path of 1000ly (31,500,000s per year), the margin of error is just 3.17 x 10^-9%, which I guess is well in range of godlike precision. I'd like then to presume that system wreaking metric bombs travel on a pre calculated flight path.

It's probably best to leave the details of such a thing in the realm of theory and rumor and legend rather than trying to explain exactly how it works.

Of course, like more or less all the tech regarding S5 and S6  I guess is always speculation.

Found the article where gravity radiation was supposed to be a danger for void bubble, was the one on the Reactionless drive:

"A Void ship will generally ignore most classes of debris, i.e. non-exotic matter, being able to otherwise slip between molecules. Exceptions are things like magmatter, neutronium, q-balls, event horizons, or singularities (such as the track of a Thunderbolt).

Another rumoured hazard is a burst of carefully modulated gravitational radiation designed to destructively cancel the void bubble; such a weapon could conceivably be used in warfare between the archai, although there are no reliable reports of its use to date. "

Thank you all for your replies! Perhaps I'll try to write down something, got a couple of ideas. See you around!

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