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Greetings! And a question/clarification/food for thought.
Hmm. I suppose that this would also allow for compensating for the motion of the target star or whatever over the 1000 years it would take to get there. A quite BOTE indicates the star would have moved about 6 trillion km in that time.

Indeed. But I guess that precise motion of stars is know very well to compensate.

That might be something to ask Adam about.

Yup, let's hear the expert!

Each void bubble contains a massive object, perhaps even a small black hole (Small = Ceres to Jupiter mass in this context - although a larger number of void motes each carrying a smaller BH could then use the Hawking radiation of the smaller holes to power themselves).

I guess that you can't use too much mass for a system like this, that can't be everywhere at the same time, or the mass/energy investment is too much in favor of the aggressor. If you convert the mass of a Jovian class planet half in wormhole and half for void bubble and their fuel, plus energy to create everything, I presume you came up with a good million metric bombs in the "very annoying" level of power.

Another option (possibly operating in concert with the constellation system) could be a 'gwaser' cannon - a gravity wave beam weapon. It has been suggested that vibrating cosmic strings can produce intense beams of gravity waves (LINK).

Perhaps also use the same system that create Thunderbolts, whichever it is or one similar and on a way smaller scale, only the Archai know, to create a cone or a plane of gravity waves. A shaped charge of sort.

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