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Habitat Location as a Focus?
(11-09-2020, 12:11 AM)stevebowers Wrote: The next time I make a model of the inside of a hab, I'll add some objects extending upwards from the floor of the hab.

One very interesting description of an ultratech-level hab is in Eon, by Greg Bear, which has chandelier-like objects extending upwards and downwards from the floor to the hub.

Yuppers - Part of what inspired the Intra-Habitats article is the description of the more advanced city-chamber in the Thistledown. Smile

Really a space hab is just a very big room when you think about it. So there are opportunities for all kinds of fun once you take that onboard.

On a note relating to the subject of the thread - an idea:

Imaging a set of habs orbiting a star or planet - or maybe in a cluster in orbit around something or in a Lagrange point or the like - with a river flowing between them. The water could be flung from hab to hab by the centrifugal force of their spin or could be pumped systems internal or external to it. It could run thru the hub of each hab - so the habs are spinning around it. Or - in the 'flung from hab to hab' configuration, it could exit and re-enter as it travels from hab to hab via openings in their hulls. Airwall tech similar to what is used in Niven Clouds could retain an atmosphere and allow the 'river' to host an internal ecology.



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