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Just your run of the mill intro
I have read a bit of the content within OA encyclopedia and have often wondered how the universe could be expanded. Possibly a roguelike set during the Technopocalypse, maybe a story about the first cyro frozen person waking up to a whole new world thousands of years later. I personally hope that this community made fictional universe will be enjoyed by many people in the future.  In my opinion, a lot of people are missing out. If within my ability I would like to translate some of these articles into a different language....Japanese. I enjoy a lot of sci-fi franchises and I wish they would be more appreciated by non-English speaking parts of the world, hopefully OA and many others (Battletech and Star Trek) will get more attention in the future.
Welcome to OA!
yeah if you have any questions about the technocolypse or any other topic just ask
i'm sure there's something involving part of OA japanese that could possibly be figured out
feel free to spread the word!
Hi There!

Welcome to OA! Smile

We would need to give some thought and discussion to possibly translating the site into another language.

This has been suggested before for other languages, but a large concern for us is that without multiple long known members who speak both English and whatever the other language is - we have no real way to check how accurate any translation might be.

I'm not sure if automation has reached the point of being a sufficiently accurate substitute for a person, although perhaps there are tools or websites that are? I'm only somewhat familiar with Google.

As said - something we are willing to discuss.

In the meantime - once again - Welcome to OA!

Welcome to OA!
Hi, welcome to the good stuff! Smile

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