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Hello there
(12-08-2020, 11:54 PM)stevebowers Wrote: Hi! Welcome to the Forum!
Any help with regards to editing is welcome. We've got a lot of pages here - some haven't been edited for some time, and relevant links are always a good thing.

Hi There - Welcome to OA!

Agreed with everything Steve said. Smile

Please feel free to jump into any ongoing discussions or start new ones as seems best.

For suggested edits or fixes, I'll refer you to the two Suggestion Box sub-forums - you can post to a relevant thread there or start a new one.

Or there's this thread here that is somewhat planetology focused.

If you're proposing larger scale changes to some aspect of the setting itself, starting a new thread in the General Setting Discussion sub-forum is also an option.

We're not terribly fussed if people post to the 'wrong' place so don't worry about that.

Hope this helps and once again - Welcome to OA!


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