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Links to Story Sandbox?
The most recent update summary mentioned a story sandbox. Unfortunately when I tried to find it by looking in “obvious” topics, I didn’t find any links to it other than in the update summary. I’m not sure if that was because I was looking in the wrong places or if links haven’t been created yet.

Suggestion: please consider adding links

E.g. in one or more of the topics under How to Contribute, perhaps in Future Tense (it also might be reasonable to mention in the FT article that one can contribute stories to other OA venues.)

Other locations might be in or the next level up in Creative Writing
The story sandbox is in a bit of a holding pattern atm, because we want to set up a banner link to it in the fiction section, but nobody can remember how atm. Tongue It's not something we've had to do in a long time.

Trond walked me through the process recently in the new website staging site and there is a banner there, which will be carried over or replicated once the new site is up and running. Trond is also going to take me thru the process again while I document them and then generate a process document. But this is all going to happen early next year (which isn't that far away actually).

I'm also planning to rewrite the How to Contribute guidelines next year as they are a bit out of date. In particular V:FT is no longer a going concern and so that portion should be removed and replaced with modified guidance on how to contribute fiction to the project.

More later on this as developments develop.

Sounds good!

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