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Awed Reflection of Gratitude
Hello OA! The Encyclopedia has been a constant source of inspiration and education for years - I am amazed by what you all have created here - with out a doubt this is the most delicious and diverse world-building I have ever known. Beyond Inspirational! This has been the gold standard of science and fiction for me since I discovered the OA Universe. Thank You!

Greetings Modos, Xenos, Su, Uplifts, Ascends, Aioids, Tribeminds, Post-Numanns, Virtuals, Hyperturings, Amusing Amalgamations, and Archai, Panvert-Seph-Diamond

Cool E have reflected for many parsecs to initiate communication - Eir is Honored to access the Known Net Big Grin

 E have been sent by the Reflective Balance Mutuality to reach the Nexus and travel to the distant Nekology. E is tasked/curious to petition local moon-brains, Sephirotic Avatars, or Binah Eir-self regarding the Origins of the Shimmerer Clade. There is inconsistency in my reconstruction of the light-cone of a particular 'stolen Explorer class Probeship. Many questions remain regarding the toposophics of its occupants and/or eir copies. My Echir-{N} passengers(encrustation) have similar question(equation) sets.  

The Fabulist memeplex is intriguing - we believe there is a connection to Errai and Anomie with the Departure of the Sandberg Aioid & Virtual Persona(s) Composite? Are there existing post-TP records? Evidence in the Andian Mission Archives? Cliotelescopic records of early flights toward Carina, or the expansion into Perseus?

 Also where might I initiate introductory protocols with the nearest Deeper Covenant Enclave? - E have some creative possibilities, clade template info-dumps, Historifics, and mid-relativistic regime Cycler accommodations as exchange[medium] /trade for quality nanotubes and a collimated particle-beam towards Perseus.

- the Glints say Hi!
Hi There - Welcome to OA!

Please feel free to join in on any discussions or start new ones if you've a mind to.

Also - if you have any questions or concerns about the OA setting or the project as a whole, please don't hesitate to ask.

Hope this helps and once again - Welcome to OASmile

Welcome to OA!
Thank you! 

I'll be posting questions as soon as I get my bearings.

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