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Upgrading the Site for Screen Readers
So - a quick update.

In the last few weeks a couple of members have raised questions about whether or not the OA website or the new version of the website we plan to roll out early next year - can accommodate people using text to speech screen readers, whether in connection to charts and diagrams on the site or on general principles.

I met with our Webmaster last night and asked him about this.

He explained that we should be able to modify the site to work with such technology, but that to do so we would need to work with someone who has access to a screen reader so that we can test out modifications and such. He currently has a co-worker who uses a screen reader for some things and said he'll run the new website past him to see what ideas he might offer for adjusting the design to work with screen reader technology. But at the end of the day, we need one or more members who use this technology and can help us with such an upgrade.

As such - if anyone owns/has access to a screen reader system and knows how to use it, and is interested in helping with updating the OA site to work with the tech more effectively - please reach out to me - either on this thread or via IM directly so we can discuss next steps and the like.

This is likely to be something we fold into the new version of the website we are currently working on so it will be early next year before anything could likely happen with this - but knowing there is someone we can work with would be a big help.


Good news. Thanks

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