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Radio Signal From Direction of Proxima Centauri
When I read the abstract of this paper, my mind immediately jumped to an earlier paper on radio signal from GJ 1151. Apparently it’s synchrotron emission (don't ask me about the details, I got it from someone else). It's a similar process as the Io aurora in Jupiter.

Quote:Radiation strikes particles in the atmosphere of the orbiting body, ionizing them. Liberated electrons travel up/down the magnetic field lines of the orbited body. When they get close to the parent body they bunch together and emit radio waves. Something, something, ... the radio waves get beamed out as some coherent synchrotron radiation?

At the time I was super excited about the possibility that many red dwarfs with close-in planets would also exhibit this sort of emission - so easy(?) indirect detection of red dwarf planets!

As for aliens, the thought of it never crossed my mind.

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