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Radio Signal From Direction of Proxima Centauri
The sheer amount of stuff we have seen out there which does not contain any clear evidence of life is pretty stunning. We're scanning exoplanet atmospheres for evidence of "anomalous" chemistry and world after world after world, we find nothing. We're looking for anomalous colors, for things that don't act the way things without life act, and we're coming up blank, every, damn, time.

If you're talking about intelligent, technological life, we've been looking even harder for that. We've been pointing our radio telescopes all over the sky, we've been analyzing variations in brightness of stars, we've been looking for infrared-heavy stars that could be the beginnings of a Dyson swarm, and time after time - hundreds of thousands of times, maybe tens of millions - we find Jack.

And if you discount the eyeblink of galactic time between first radio signals and enormous interstellar civilization, then we'd be looking for something huge and relatively obvious, and we can look at thousands and thousands of entire galaxies and say, definitively, that we don't see anything like that.

I'm just sayin', if there's somebody the next star over using radio, and we've been scanning the entire galaxy without finding any evidence of anybody anywhere, there's something really fishy about the odds and coincidences here.

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