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Move Over Graphene
Carbyne is the strongest known material.

Someone with the power want to edit my Woven Graphene EG, replacing graphene with carbyne?
Looking at the EG, I'm not sure if a simple conversion of 'graphene' to 'carbyne' would necessarily be accurate.

If you're sure that a straight substitution is all that's needed, I can certainly do that. However, if you'd like to look the article over and modify it to better fit the different properties of carbyne vs graphene (or even generate a separate article while modifying the graphene article to acknowledge the existence of carbyne or combine them or whatever), then I can expedite the replacement or addition.

Just let me know what you prefer.


This article is written by someone who is skeptical about carbyne's usefulness
the chains might 'cross-link explosively', which makes the material less than optimal if true.
In light of this, it's probably best to hold off until more conclusive evidence (such as unambiguous manufacture of carbyne) presents itself before editing the entry.
No problemSmile If things change later, we can always tweak it then.


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