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The idea of humans being modified in some way to photosynthesize has been around for decades in SF. As Tardigrada indicates, it consistently runs up against issues of insufficient surface area and the need to be exposed (in both senses of the word) to sunlight for long periods to produce any significant effect.

An alternative might be a system where the modification uses sunlight to power the generation of some nutrient or hormone or something that humans need for good health, but which isn't needed to the degree that humans need food to keep their bodies going.

Another option might be photosynthesis as an emergency backup system to keep body and mind together when all other sources of nutrition are unavailable. You're not going to have the energy to do much more than lie in the sun and just keep breathing, but at least you'll still BE breathing. Not sure if this would work, but throwing it out there.

Finally, using a thin film solar collector that can safely cover your skin (or is incorporated into your skin) might be a much better option. IIRC photosynthesis is not very efficient and even existing solar cells do a much better job at converting sunlight to useful energy. Whether this would be paired with a system to convert the energy into something biology can use, be limited to powering cyborg components, or be intended to power a purely cybernetic being (a vec) is an open question.


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